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The payloads we carry has enough varied functionality to appeal to a wide spectrum of industries and is suitable for basic tasks such as aerial imagery gathering to sophisticated tasks such as thermal sensing and 3D mapping and modelling.


Build or enhance your ultimate flight platform with these high quality flight controllers, transmission systems and accessories.


Collect actionable data and manage drone operation and mission efficiently

About Us

At Flying Bots Pte Ltd, we are passionate about Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology and its potential. We believe that an UAV will not only allow us to experience the beauty of the earth from top down, but it can enhance productivity and better lives.

UAV technology is now widely adopted by professionals in multiple industries for uses such as mapping & surveying, infrastructure inspection, emergency response, search and rescue, construction progress, conservation etc. This breakthrough technology has allowed these professionals to accomplish their work safer, faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before.

At Flying Bots Pte Ltd, we are proud to partner with global partners who are top of class in their respective product categories to bring the best of class products and solutions to our clients.

Flying Bots Pte Ltd is the only dealer in Singapore to have direct access and expertise in both DJI Enterprise and Consumer product lines, as such we are able to provide the best consultancy, support and solutions to our clients according to their needs.


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